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Partner with Roomer to
increase your revenues
Help your canceling guests and improve customer satisfaction
Hotels increase occupancy and ancillary revenues
Travel agencies retain commissions lost from cancelations
Roomer can help!
Roomer partners with hotels, travel agencies and travel providers to create a better customer experience and increase revenues. For Free.

Roomer helps hotels

More direct bookings, no OTA commissions

Drive more bookings to your property with Roomer’s low cost distribution. Guests extend their stays at your hotel and book pre and post nights directly from you.

Reduce costs and

Complaints received by your customer service call center are costing you $10.49 and 20 minutes per call with frustrated customers demanding a refund. Turn those 20 minute calls into 20 seconds with Roomer’s online automated solution to help guests sell their non-refundable reservations.

Fill more rooms and generate more revenue

Increase RevPAR by occupying no-show and to-be-cancelled rooms and increase your ancillary revenue stream substantially from guest expenditure at restaurants, casinos, spas, room service, WIFI and other incidentals.

Offer better customer service to canceling guests

Accommodate your guests instead of turning them away. Roomer’s free added service helps guests sell their non-refundable reservations and recover their losses at zero cost to your hotel.

Turn your canceling customers into your biggest promoters

Win over guest loyalty and get exposure to a new customer base that takes their place with zero customer acquisition cost. Come to their aid and guests will show their loyalty by promoting their reservations at your hotel on social networks and review sites.

Roomer helps travel agencies

For meeting planners and group bookings

Don’t lose business at the hands of strict attrition clauses and cancellation policies. Meeting planners use Roomer as a tool to sell off remaining rooms and reduce losses for their clients.

Reduce overhead costs and headache

Time is money so focus on what matters most. Don’t spend your valuable time on the phone pleading with hotels to waive non-refundable fees for your canceling customers. Help them sell their reservations and recover their money. It’s easy and it’s free.

Less risk,
more bookings

Make it easier for your customers to book non-refundable reservations and enjoy your most competitive rates. With Roomer, you can offer your customers the option to sell their reservations and mitigate their risk.

Offer better customer service with the click of a button

Increase customer satisfaction by offering an online solution for customers who need to cancel non-refundable reservations. Roomer's customer service widget integrates seamlessly with your website, allowing customers to sell their reservations in one click and recovers their losses at zero cost to you.

Beat your competition with Roomer's unbeatable rates

You can integrate with Roomer to offer your customers the latest deals with rock bottom prices and unique availability that no one else has access to.

Roomer's Solutions


Keep customers service low cost, online and off the phone by integrating Roomer's widget with your website. At the click of a button, your customers can post their rooms for sale and you can offer an instant solution to help them recover their losses.


Banner Ad

Place a banner on your website and your canceling customers can simply click through to post their rooms for sale on Roomer hassle free. It’s easy, it’s free and there’s no integration required.

Custom URL Referral

Provide your support agents the tools to assist canceling customers in a quicker, more satisfying manner so that they can focus their attention on more revenue generating calls and inquiries. At the click of a button, they'll send a customized and branded email to customers to refer them to Roomer and provide instructions fo how to sell their reservations.


Customer Service

Our call center is on standby 24/7 to assist your staff and customers to help them sell their non-refundable reservations while providing a pleasant customer service experience.

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