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This website lets you
sell that reservation, or,
buy someone else's at a
great discount!
““It worked great for me,” she said”.
“Sites like this represent the next generation of opportunity for
tech-savvy consumers to take advantage of low hotel room prices”.
“Roomer is the first-ever
company to provide a solution
for nonrefundable hotel room cancellations and does so in
a way that is both helpful and trustworthy to all parties affected by these cancellations”.
"Every day in the U.S. alone, more than 221,000 hotel rooms are cancelled and paid for, resulting in a market which sees $8.6 billion wasted annually on non-refundable hotel room cancellations... With [Roomer], you can sell your non-refundable hotel reservations to other travelers looking for great deals."
"In a market that sees $8.6
billion wasted annually in non-refundable hotel room cancellations, Roomer is a safe and effective travel solution that, for the seller, greatly reduces the cost of these cancellations".
"Say goodbye to pesky
cancellation fees and sunk costs.
A godsend for those with last minute travel conflicts, Roomer allows travelers to snag deals on hotel cancellations".
“If you're selling, you at least
get something back on your prepayment; if you're buying,
you get a good deal - sometimes, very good".
"If you can’t go on a trip at the last minute—due to an illness or other issue—new startup Roomer aims to help you by serving as a marketplace where you can sell your pre-paid hotel reservation to another traveler who’s going to the same place at the same time".
"The startup validates and verifies every listing in the marketplace, and listings are automatically generated, meaning that people listing a room simply have to set a price and they’re away, with photos, maps and the like added with a click".
"The company offers a win-win model for all members of the travel industry: sellers save some of their money from cancellation fees or nonrefundable bookings, buyers enjoy unbeatable prices, online travel agencies get to keep their commissions, and hotels
host more guests instead of
empty rooms".
"Today there are many reservations which are fully non-refundable, and cannot be cancelled even months in advance. In addition to that, there are many people that have last-minute change of plans and are about to lose their money, and Roomer will help them to win it back".
"Canceled travel plans waste money. Paying for the hotel room you can't use adds to the misery. Roomer lets you sell off un-used hotel reservations [and] deal seekers can often pick up unwanted rooms at a fraction of the market price".
"Roomer's vision, advanced technology and general reliability makes the company very unique. They offer a new perspective on the travel market and every room in the market is validated with an automated system, offering travelers a high degree of confidence in their site".
"Roomer is a fun newcomer in the wild flora of travel sites. For the first time in a long time, it is a website with a brand new idea
a secondary marketplace for hotel rooms. Roomer may very well be the next AirBnB".
“Roomer is the first online travel marketplace that can connect you with travelers who are looking
for last-minute, discounted accommodation. Travelers who are unable to use their
non-refundable hotel room can
list it on the website at a discounted price, and voilà! Both parties save some money”.
"Roomer was created to solve one of the biggest unsolved problems in the travel industry hotel room cancellations".
"Roomer is here to connect the tens of millions of people who cancel their hotel reservations annually with travelers searching for a good deal".
"Instead of paying a cancellation fee, you can post your reservations for sale on Roomer for a little less than you originally paid. You take a smaller loss and the buyers get great discounts".
"When booking a hotel room on Roomer, you're not only getting the best price, you're also helping someone out. That's good karma".
"The best part: Roomer does
all the legwork, verifying reservations, changing the name the reservation is under, and transferring payment to the seller after the buyer checks out".
"Roomer posted availability in hotels that Expedia was listing as fully booked — so it's not just handy for finding deals, but
also for finding a room in a
sold-out town".
"Created to reduce the billions of dollars lost each year by people who, for whatever reason, had to cancel their non-refundable hotel reservations, Roomer has been likened to the “StubHub” of the travel industry".
"Existing reservations at a discounted price are shown next to the current market value of the reservation, making it easier to see how much you save!"
"This newly-launched travel website is designed to connect people who would be stuck paying for an empty hotel room with travelers looking for deals".
"There’s nothing worse than paying for nothing. That’s what happens when you make a
non-refundable reservation on a hotel room and your travel plans suddenly change and you can’t
use it. Roomer lets you sell your reservation to another traveller, thus recouping some of that money so you feel like less
of a chump".
"Having to cancel your holiday
is disappointing enough, but canceling your hotel bookings and trying to get your money back is downright frustrating. Roomer has come up with an ingenious idea to help people avoid paying cancellation fees".
"Roomer suggests listing rooms for at least 20 percent below what you originally paid, and the site will take a 15-percent cut of your sale price. Cancelon suggests selling at about half the room's original price and keeps 10 percent of the selling price. Roomer takes care of transferring the reservations from your name to the buyer's, but Cancelon requires you to make the switch".
"When you use Roomer to search for rooms, you can often find good discounts a few days and weeks in advance, as not all changes and cancellations happen at the last minute".
"You can find on bookings from other travelers who cant use theirs at a low price. You can book your room at a discount of about 74 percent".
"Richie Karaburun, managing director, North America, at Roomer, says hotels are happy to accommodate their request for a name change on the reservation because it provides hotels with incremental revenue".