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Seller Protection

We know that online marketplaces are not necessarily known for their risk-free nature, which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure the protection of all those who wish to sell hotel reservations with Roomer.

Your payment is 100% guaranteed


Pending the successful sale of your reservation, Roomer's Payment Guarantee ensures the transfer of funds from the sale of your reservation exactly ten days following the date of check out.


All Bookings made through Roomer are non-refundable. This means that even in the event that your buyer's plans change and he or she can no longer use this reservation, you will still receive money from your sale.


Please note that we take fraud very seriously at Roomer and our Fraud Department works vigilantly to ensure the safety and security of all of our users, buyers and sellers alike. So long as you do not use Roomer's service to commit an act fraud, we guarantee payment transfer.


Your privacy means the world to us

With Roomer you can rest assured that your personal information will never be shared, sold or otherwise made public. We will use your contact and reservation information for the following purposes only:


We will communicate with you should there be a problem posting your reservation (i.e. our automated validator had trouble validating your reservation).


We will notify you of any updates regarding the status of your listing, including the successful sale of your reservation.


We will be at your service in any way possible and to answer any and all questions you may have.


The information attained from reservation confirmations is used solely for the purposes of validating the authenticity of the reservation itself.


Roomer will never display or share this information publicly. It is stored in our secured database and accessed only by Roomer's reservations specialists.


Upon successful validation, reservation confirmations will be discarded in a secure manner to best protect your personal information and privacy.

How can I be sure that I’ll get paid?
Every transaction that takes place through Roomer is verified and then authorized by Roomer’s secure payment platform. Buyers are charged upfront and sellers are instantly notified of the sale via email and in their Roomer Accounts. The payment is then held securely in the Roomer Vault using PayPal Adaptive Payments, where it is essentially untouchable by Roomer or anybody else and payment will be released from the vault for transfer to seller exactly 10 days after the date of check out.
Do I have to enter my credit card details?
No. Roomer only requires your reservation confirmation number, the hotel name and address, as well as your name and e-mail address in order to verify that the reservation is in fact yours. Please note that while there is no need to enter your credit card deals, Roomer will require information about your preferred payment method in order to transfer funds to you in the event that your room is purchased.
Will Roomer charge a fee if my reservation sells?
Please note that most methods of payment transfer, including PayPal, charge a small fee. Roomer is not responsible for these charges.
What if someone buys my reservation but never checks-in?
Should your buyer not check-in to the reservation that he or she purchased from you on Roomer, it is not your problem and you will still receive any and all funds from the transaction. In fact, all bookings on Roomer are nonrefundable and prepaid. Once a buyer books a reservation, it is an irreversible transaction.
What is being done with my confirmation email?
The confirmation email is used to verify the reservation and nothing else. Your information remains secure and will never be shared with anyone outside of Roomer.
What happens if no one buys my hotel room?
If your room does not sell, then at most you will pay the cancellation fees you were obligated to pay when you made your hotel reservation. In any event, you have nothing to lose when posting your room for sale on Roomer. On the contrary, creating a Roomer listing only increases your chances of recovering these inevitable fees.
Can the buyer contact me?
No. Buyers cannot contact sellers directly. If a buyer has any questions or inquiries regarding your reservation, he or she can contact either Roomer or the hotel.
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